“Come back with friends” bonus

Summer 2014

18.01 - 07.02.2015
15.03 - 11.04.2015
14.05 – 01.08.2015
23.08 – 28.11.2015

Hotel guests of the Cavallino Bianco* booking a stay of the same duration also for their friendly family** will get a discount « 10+5» on the “Cavallino Bianco All-inclusive” rates:

  • 10% discount for their own booking
  • 5% discount for the booking of the accompanying family

* as such are considered all the guests who can show at least a stay in the last 3 years in the Cavallino Bianco
** a such are considered all who spent their first time ever at the Cavallino Bianco.

The discounts can only be cumulated with the savings offer “Fla Rate for Kids – early booking advantage”.

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