Spring, Summer, Autumn
Choose the perfect holiday type for your family!

 A breathtaking and pristine nature is waiting for you, with an explosion of colors and emotions

From 09.06 to 03.12.2016

Stays of minimum 14 nights

Valid for stays of 4 or 5 nights with arrival on Sunday and departure on Thursday and/or Friday.

Stays from 8 to 13 nights with free arrival

Stays of 7 nights with arrival only on Sunday

Stays of 7 nights with free arrival day… except Sunday!

Valid for stays of 1 to 6 nights with free arrival

«Week End»
Valid for stays from Friday to Sunday

Valid for stays of one night with arrival on Saturday

For the following room categories, arrivals and/or departures are possible only on Sunday or Thursday. Family King Suite Lux, Family Suite Plus Lux, Family Suite Plus and all "Grand"-suites. Other days of arrival, can be booked only short-term, maximum 14 days before arrival.

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