CEO & General Manager RALPH A. RIFFESER SPA & Fitness Manager CARMEN PRINOTH Deputy SPA & Fitness Manager ANGELIKA HASLINGER At Cavallino Bianco we have been dealing with this question in- tensely for some time now. Observing the different models of behaviour of our guests, perceiving their desires and their longings, we have come to the firm belief, that the pre- cious gift of “time” and its balance management represents a common denominator for the fundamental personal balance, in particular that of the family and that in the future this will assume a role of utmost importance. Thought free, regenerating and conscious time, for yourself and for your loved ones, even today it is considered one of the most precious assets of our busy daily lives. In just a short time this will reach the status of maximum luxury, towards which each one of us will yearn and long for. ”Wellness” consequently from our point of view will become ”Well Time” epitomizing the best use of ”time” for a healthy physiomental balance. Having recognised this, we have gauged on it the entire holiday offers for ”Cavallino Bianco”, where from now on everything will revolve around time for the family (Family Time ), time for your partner (Two Time) , time for yourself (My Time) as well as time for children and for themselves (Kids Time) . The scope is to balance the “time budget” at your disposal to strengthen your own wellbeing and to benefit all interpersonal relationships as well. ”Theresia’s Beauty & Spa” is the ideal place for rebalancing your own ”time accounting”, together with your partner, your children or even by yourself. Within its elegant setting, we will lead you through a fantastic timeless world, enchanting you and pampering you with perfumed fragrances and WELLNESS QUO VADIS? relaxing sounds. It is a place of peace and relaxation, oriented to increase your own wellbeing and to better invest your most precious asset, “time”. Our team of Well Time professionals, represented by expert masseurs/ masseuses and beauty technicians, will guide you with your partner, with your children or even just alone through regenerating treatments and ritu- als to bring your batteries of wellbeing back to full charge. Put your trust in the team lead by Carmen Prinoth and Angelika Haslinger; you’ll be thrilled. 3