The guiding principle of Lino Land

Lino Land:
living childhood with clever fun

Our mission is to make your children experience
a holiday balanced between fun and relaxation,
 becoming their best friends, respecting
the needs and differences of every one.

At Lino Land, we do not start from an ideal development or solid
educational principles, but we see the child for what he or she is,
a unique being of its kind
We are inspired by the variety of different pedagogical principles
 in order to offer our employees the best possible
conditions for continuous training.

Through a few main principles, we define the style
 and the assistance programme.
Nature accompanies us
Surrounded by the beautiful Dolomites,
we introduce children to the flora and fauna
of our homeland and let them experience
the different nuances of nature-based pedagogy.
Through adventurous hikes, natural and educational projects
and a lot of love, we want to set an example
and introduce the little ones to the surrounding environment.

We encourage them to grow beyond their limits
and thus promoting their autonomy.
Montessorian pedagogy teaches us that children are builders of themselves.
We as carers support them in their doing.

It is the simple things that excite and involve the child in everyday activities:
cooking and building require a lot of attention.

If we adults are committed to transferring the values of doing while having fun,
these will be values that children will carry with them as they grow up.
And this is what we want to convey at Lino Land:
learning and having fun, because playing and learning
are not opposite, they are symbiotic.
In our several art and craft projects, the Waldorf pedagogy is emphasised.

With many different materials related to seasons and times of year,
we encourage children to let their imagination run wild.
It is very important to us that children can freely choose
among different activity opportunities during their time at Lino Land.
We will accompany and follow them in their choices.
By inclusion and individuality, we mean the peculiarities and
needs of each individual and the adaptation
of the surrounding environment to people, without barriers.
We respect each child’s diversity and work to structure
days and activities according to the needs of the various groups.
Responsibility and safety have top priority.

We carefully evaluate everyone’s limits
and strive to act conscientiously.

All activities are constantly checked and implemented with common sense.
Our Lino Land is a meeting place,
it brings people together and offers loving care.
We only want the best for your children.