Hygiene & Safety First of all

Your safety is our priority

Safety has always been a top priority at Cavallino Bianco.
For this reason, besides the hygiene measures listed below, our unvaccinated employees must get a Covid test every third day.
Our guests instead, are asked to choose among the three options below:

•show a Covid-19 vaccine certificate that must have been issued within the last six months (also one dose is accepted, only if administered at least 15 days before the arrival)
•get a free quick test upon arrival, it is a non-invasive test and completely painless* (watch the video here)
•show the negative PCR test/antigen test result (only suggested for children up to 5 years) that must have been issued within the last 48 hours

If you bring a certificate or the negative test result with you, we will thank you with a voucher to use in our Beauty.

*prior notice would be appreciated