At Cavallino the guests of honour are the children

There’s no end of smiles at our family hotel!

There’s no one who knows children better than our lovable mascot Lino, who has created a magical world for them where they can have never ending fun in complete safety. In an area of over 1.250 m2 every child will be astounded by the variety of activities on offer and under the supervision of our highly qualified staff will find plenty enjoyment to keep them wanting the day to last forever, giving mum and dad the chance to grab some time together worry free.

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The Kingdom of children among the Dolomites

Some people say that happiness is hard to find or a luxury just for some, but at Lino’s world at Cavallino Bianco, happiness is in the smile on every child’s face as they are faced with the unbelievable choice of toys and games awaiting them. From the ball pond, to the every favourite Lego area, pirate island or the pool with slide. An outdoor play area with animals or fun the nearby mountains. A hive of activity beckoning them back day after day with enthusiasm to spend another day with Lino and their new friends.

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