Assistance for babies

Perfect holidays with infants

The area of Baby Lino is reserved for infants from 1 to 42 months and the colourful and safe environment of over 100m² will stimulate their senses with the aid of brightly coloured pictures, soft toys and mobiles. Thanks to the soft padded walls they can crawl around freely without any fear of harming themselves and our team of qualified staff will provide attentive care in a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The daily changed program includes a time for music, story time, playtime and manual activities whilst the older children can learn to make biscuits or draw, not forgetting of course, the mini tricycles, rocking horses and the ever popular ball pond. At parents discretion , children on solid foods can take their meal in the exclusive children’s restaurant where meals with nutritional balance are prepared for by our resident chef or for infants a range of bio baby food by Hipp is available.

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