Detective Nature Camp

Nature = Fun

"Detective Nature with all your senses" – Surviving in the Wilderness

This year mission: Fire and camp!
Discover, make new friends and experience a unique environment!.This year you will experience the love for nature at Cavallino Bianco: We invite you to explore it with all your senses! Our experts will tell you the secrets and stories of nature. You can explore all this as a "Detective Nature" to discover amazing natural secrets and sweet surprises.

How do children benefit from the Nature Detective Camp? As they experiment with ancient techniques, tricks and tools, they learn how to orient themselves in the wild, and find protection and warmth. By being active, through research and having their courage tested, they strengthen their self-esteem and sense of responsibility. As they observe animals, look for shelter, build refuges, and through role play, they gain confidence in themselves and in nature.

In 2017, the little Nature Detectives will focus on learning to build a camp/bivouac/forest refuge or an eagle’s nest, as well as the art of making fire. Tying knots, braiding ropes, balancing, climbing, carving, distinguishing animal noises and perhaps even learning the ABCs of first aid in valued cooperation with South Tyrolean nature educators and naturalists.

Ideal for children from 7 to 12 years
For further information ask at reception or have a look at our activity program for children.

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