Ancient wisdom combined with an exclusive cosmetic range

  • Asian wisdom and Piroches Cosmetiques
    Piroche Cosmetiques has managed to develop a beauty cure which joins together traditional Asiatic medicine and Eastern phytotherapy with advanced knowledge and techniques. This gave birth to a modern range of cosmetics and a method of treatments which understand the human being as a unity, and which alongside the cosmetic effect, react in a highly positive way on the body and mind.
    Treatments with chosen essential oils, alga and rigorously natural derma functional principles, together with a bio energetic draining treatment with the aid of suction apparatus, give the skin a more toned and youthful aspect. A philosophy which has conquered the best beauty farms, for whom Piroche Cosmetique is undoubtedly the symbol of quality, orientated towards excellence.
    This is why Theresia’s BEAUTY & Spa has united this conception of thought and work, based on firm and proven results, adaptable to every single individual, each one unique and special to their own.
  • Ligne St. Barth
    These refined spa treatments will transport you to the relaxing atmosphere of the Caribbean. Exotic oils and fragrances extracted from the Caribbean flowers Tiarè, elegant lilies, or the pure essence of vanilla will take care of the soul and will spoil your senses.
    Delight yourself with the fragrances, essences and the tropical freshness of a selection of colourful Caribbean fruit such as extracts of pineapple, papaya, passion fruit or mango.
  • Mary Cohr Paris
    Each Mary Cohr treatment is a journey in the world of beauty. Enter into the magic universe of essential oils, with a base of natural active principles and strong excellent benefits which will transform your skin and will allow you to discover another philosophy of beauty. The Mary Cohr products have convenient textures which penetrate deeply, the gels are absorbed into the skin and the perfumes are gently stylish.
  • Aveda – Hair Spa
    Hair and cuticles form their very own ecosystem, they co-exist harmoniously together, and they share energy and nutritive elements to create an ambience suitable for guaranteeing a healthy head of hair. Aveda conceives the treatment of hair in a holistic way, offering aromatic products and active botanic products aimed at maintaining a balance of the ecosystem.
    The Aveda products and services for styling exceed any expectations thanks to the sensorial experiences which awaken the senses.
  • Hofer Cosmetics
    Hofer cosmetics, a well known company from our famous mountains, had the idea of a new range of cosmetics with extracts from the Alpine orchid flower which derives from the culture and nature of this territory. With innovative techniques and respect for tradition we propose the ritual Theresia’s Secrets which allow you to experience a unique feeling of wellbeing for both the body and mind.
  • BelLino
    This cosmetic line dedicated to children protects their skin and
    contains only natural active ingredients.
    Products specially created to protect and nourish the natural Hydro-
    lipid film have been specially developed for very young skin,
    which is more delicate and has a higher risk exposure.
    We are glad to recommend our new product line that protects
    and pampers your children’s skin, using natural ingredients rigorously
    selected and certified for the maximum guaranty of efficiency
    and tolerability.
    Our own skin care line for babies and children “BelLino” is dermatologically
    tested and helps you cherish your little ones’ skin.

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