A la carte ritual

  • Theresia’s Secrets (80 min)
    € 129
    - € 142
    An exclusive treatment based on extracts from the Alpine Orchid, capable of re-establishing a balance between the body and mind, giving harmony and bringing us closer to nature, thanks to its naturally beneficial ingredients.
  • Rose Essence of Heaven (80 min)
    € 149
    - € 164
    A complete oriental bath ritual. In the aromatic steam cabin, a warm sensation of humidity will relax your body and mind. Following this, whilst lying down on a heated marble bed, one of our specialised attendants will cover you with rose soap foam, and with an exfoliating glove will pamper you with a “peeling” effect massage. Afterwards, you will enjoy a beauty bath in a wonderful Jacuzzi and to finish, a short massage with a rose cream to help you to relax your muscles and reactivate your own energy. At the end we will award you a moment for relaxing with a glass of prosecco.
    A particularly pleasant treatment if shared with your partner!

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