A unique wellness Experience

Half an hour of SUN 400XL is pure wellbeing: the body purifies, the muscles relax and the skin gets gently treated and polished by the heat that also helps to eliminate the cellulite, improving the silhouette in a short time.

The "SUN 400XL" combines fitness, wellness, regeneration and weight loss in a healthy and stress-relieving way.


Fitness training without muscle pain

The thermal infrared rays improve the blood circulation of the muscles and allow an efficient training on the horizontal ergometer bike SUN 400XL. Thanks to the warmth, the muscles do not get tired easily. This prevents painful muscle cramps after the work-out.


Wellness – disintoxicate the body

Sweating allows the body to remove harmful and unnecessary substances. During an infrared treatment, the sweating level is twice as high as in a normal sitting in the sauna.
The heat of the infrared of type A directly reach the subcutaneous adipose tissue.


Regeneration- integral treatment

The treatments with the “SUN 400 XL” are suitable as a solution for symptoms like rheumatism, pain, tension and stress.


Pure anti-stress!

Moreover, the production of Vitamin D gets stimulated. This leads to the strengthening of the immune system and it stimulates the production of melatonin and serotonin.


Loosing weight in a healthy way

This unique equipment combines the movement and the infrared radiations.
Loosing weight in a healthy way without dieting, has never been so easy!


A positive side effect is also that the thermal treatment of the radiation B and C, is useful also for the outset epidermal layer, the heat in fact, will make the skin beautiful, smooth and polished.
Skin problems such as dermatitis, psoriasis, allergies, acne, dysfunction of scarring and cellulite become soothed.




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