Time is life, live it now!

A new way of enjoying your holiday, an unforgettable experience

The Time is Life project was born from a fundamental question: what is the real worth of wellbeing, here and now? The answer is universal, powerful, and indisputable: TIME.
A value which is immaterial, unique, that cannot be produced, and isn’t answerable ….a value we want totalk about!
Time cannot be manipulated, but you can improve the quality, you can make become a reality the wish to have time for oneself but also the need to spend it with those dearest to you.

We have therefore calibrated the entire offer for holidaymakers of “Cavallino Bianco” based on time - from now on everything will revolve around time for the family (FamilyTime), time for your partner (Two-Time), time for yourself (MyTime) as well as time for children and for themselves (KidsTime). Ambit is the “scales of time” balanced as much as possible, to strengthen your own wellbeing as well as being good for all interpersonal relationships.

At Cavallino Bianco you can achieve this objective by participating in our timetree: it begins with a wooden tree and, by taking part in determined activities, you will receive corresponding adhesive leaves to attach to it.

The one who distributes most harmoniously the moments dedicated to oneself, the moments spent as a couple and those spent with their children will win a special surprise and the knowledge that they have experienced a holiday at 360°, with precious delight and relaxation for each single member of the family.

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