Cheeky Lino

Secret skiing fun

Do you know my favourite animal? Its name is Lino and it’s the funniest mouse in the world. Well, actually it’s not a real mouse. The Cavallino mascot is way too big and it walks on two legs just like me. Lino makes up the best jokes and games. What I wouldn’t have thought, though, is that Lino can be a real scallywag!
Cheeky Lino

Let there be more joy and laughter in your living.

Eileen Caddy
Recently I saw the huge mouse with the hotel’s boss, Ralph. I was on my way to the pool when I overheard them talking. ”No, Lino, before you can go skiing you have to do your homework!“ Ralph said sternly. “Ugh, I know these discussions all too well“ I thought rolling my eyes. Poor Lino! When I turned around once more, I saw the mouse rushing around the corner and scurrying away.
Cheeky Lino
All morning I had to think of Lino and even when I was sitting in the gondola wrapped up nice and warm I kept wondering. Was Lino still sitting in front of his books? When I reached the kids‘ piste I couldn’t believe my eyes: there was Lino standing in line at the drag lift! A few moments later he was already dashing up the hill with a skiing instructor.

”Did you see a ghost?“ daddy asked laughing. I shook my head. ”No… But don’t you know Lino has to do his homework?“ Naturally, I didn’t mind meeting my favourite mouse on the piste and spending the whole afternoon together. When I got tired, I gathered all my courage and asked: “So what about your homework?” The mouse remained silent for a while and then suddenly disappeared.

I was curious to find out where Lino was hurrying to and convinced daddy to return to the hotel a bit earlier. Back at the Cavallino Bianco, I checked every corridor – and I was lucky. Right in front of Ralph’s office I found Lino with a big tray full of goodies. Suddenly it dawned on me: Lino wanted to apologise to Ralph! When Ralph opened the door, he had a reproachful look on his face. But he was so pleased with Lino’s surprise that he just laughed and kissed the giant mouse’s nose. All forgiven and forgotten! I chuckled. Now I knew what I had to do the next time I was in trouble…

Adults are just outdated children.

Dr. Seuss