La vie en rose

Enjoy love as if bedded on roses

Valentine’s Day was just around the corner. And, at the same time, our family holiday at the Cavallino. THE opportunity to celebrate love and thoroughly enjoy the already short amount of time for two!

My wife and I are real wellness lovers, so once we’d browsed through the spa treatments at the Cavallino, it became obvious: the romantic oriental bathing ritual “Rose Essence of Heaven” is simply perfect for the two of us! 80 minutes just for us together. Pure romance!
La vie en rose
La vie en rose

“A rose bath makes the soul flourish.”

On the Day of Love, we took our son to Linoland in the afternoon. He had already made friends there and was looking forward to a few hours of fun and games. We parents were just as much looking forward to our romantic treatment for couples in Theresia’s Beauty & Spa.

What awaited us was first the soothing, humid heat in the aroma steam cabin. This was followed by a wonderful soapsuds peel and a rose-scented “Aphrodite Beauty Bath” by candlelight. To finish, we enjoyed an effleurage with soft rose cream. Sipping a glass of Prosecco after the delightfully relaxing treatment, we were finally able to enjoy our togetherness to the fullest and we both agreed, actually, every day should be Valentine’s Day and you should be grateful for the love you share!

“The good fortune of the rose is its fragrance.”

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