Shared holiday happiness:
Familienhotels South Tyrol

Spend the best days of the year with your loved ones

The holiday season should be just as special as the people with whom you spend it. So what could make a holiday more delightful than spending it with your family? Many South Tyrolean hotels specialise in offering families everything that makes their short break from everyday life an unforgettable memory.
The Familienhotels Südtirol/South Tyrol take the interests of young and old into account – fun and relaxation is guaranteed! In any case, adventure-packed outdoor experiences are assured in the midst of the wonderful South Tyrolean mountains. Nature education experts know how to inspire and fascinate adults and children alike. Nobody gets bored, that’s for sure.
Shared holiday happiness:<BR>Familienhotels South Tyrol
Who is at the centre of attention? Everybody!
Who is at the centre of attention? Everybody!

The family hotels in South Tyrol know exactly what their guests wishes and needs are. From furnishings to the design of the outdoor area, great care is always taken to ensure that the environment is suitable for children and adults. The same applies to the composition of the menus. Every member of the family can have full enjoyment.
Once everyone has been offered a tailor-made leisure, recreation and enjoyment programme, there is nothing to stand in the way of having a relaxing holiday with many beautiful memories.

Family holidays have always been in season

What makes South Tyrolean family hotels so special? They are worth a visit no matter what time of the year it is. In spring, you can enjoy strolling through the fragrant orchards and discover the enchantment of nature awakening. In summer, mountains, lakes and forests encourage you to be active and explore the area. In autumn, the mild South Tyrolean climate is a delight and in winter, the top snow conditions are sure to excite every skiing fan. In addition, the family hotels also have a round-the-clock indoor programme – in the family wellness areas and children’s clubs!
Leave your everyday life behind at home and take your loved ones with you on a journey to a family paradise!

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