There's always something going on.

We celebrate childhood, family – and many festivities

There's always something going on.

Themed nights

Always different, always a hit

Although the colours, dresses and gadgets of our themed evenings change, they all have one thing in common – they are an absolute hit! Loved by guests young and old whatever the season. Make sure you’re there when crowds of excited children, high-spirited dancers and happy, smiling faces come to the Cavallino Bianco!

Fashion show

Supermodel for a night

With a pounding heart and shining eyes. Just straighten out the dress again and up goes the curtain. Time for our mini-models runway. The fashion show at Cavallino Bianco makes girls' dreams come true. Little princesses can put on some stunning outfits and have a go at being a top model – watched by their proud parents.

Christmas and New Year

Emotions that enchant

Fat snowflakes fall from the sky. Streets filled with festive decorations and Christmas music resounds. Sweet treats, comfy clothes and joyful anticipation. The December celebrations create a very special atmosphere at the Cavallino Bianco. We have an impressive program in store for this wonderful time of the year. Feel yourself caught up and carried away as you enjoy magical moments with your nearest and dearest.

Casino night

We bring Las Vegas into the building!

Fancy sitting at the poker table like James Bond as you sip your drink? You can do it at our popular casino night. As the roulette ball jumps from number to number, (play) banknotes fly onto the table and colourful chips pile up in front of the anxious faces. Try your luck and travel to Las Vegas for an evening!

Ferragosto holiday

The warmest festival of the year

Days that seem to go on forever, a smiling sun almost every day – it’s high time for a family holiday. The time around Ferragosto (Assumption Day in Italy) is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year. At Cavallino Bianco, mid-summer is celebrated in truly fitting fashion. Hundreds of balloons soar into the heavens and the party guests smiles rival the sun for brightness. Definitely not an event to be missed.

Lino’s birthday

...and the kids all join in the festivities!

Colourful balloons, a huge cake and Lino at his best – what's going on? It's our mascot's birthday! Every year on the 9th of September, the cute mouse invites all the children to come and enjoy a delicious slice of cake and have great fun playing all afternoon long. After all, it's not every day you have a birthday. Happy birthday, Lino!


It can’t be colourful enough as far as we’re concerned.

Who doesn’t love carnival? Popping on a costume and being someone completely different for a whole day. Having fun, laughing and scattering colourful confetti. Eating delicious doughnuts and enjoying mucking around with the family. The grand carnival at Cavallino Bianco is on every party-goer’s list.