The 136 m² Family Lagoon

A children’s pool, appreciated by adults

The safe environment of the children’s pool including the innovative soft flooring allows children to play and splash around to their hearts content, not least by the thrill of the three lane slide, an irresistible call to all. Decorated with pictures of Disney characters, the pool offers a familiar but exciting atmosphere providing no end to enjoyment for the children and their new friends whilst mum and dad relax in the hydro massaging area or on the large comfy beds with the sound of their children’s laughter filling the air. Water proof nappies are freely available from the Lino Land for infants.

Triple slide

Adrenaline in the water for both big and small in the family lagoon

Ready, steady, GO!!!! Maximum enjoyment on the new slide with three lanes in the lagoon land on the innovative, fantastic soft pool flooring!

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Pictures & Impressions

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