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A taste of farm air

Close friends with horse, cat and cow!

Our son Luca was so excited! He could hardly sleep the night before, and in the morning he was awake so early that we had to send him straight back to bed. He just couldn’t wait to go to the farm. At breakfast, he could hardly eat a thing, as he did not want to waste any more time. We finally left for our walk to the farm. On the way there, his father showed him how to catch the crickets chirping merrily next to us. When Luca finally managed, the cricket got scared and jumped away in a wide arc. Phew, Luca got a fright too!
A taste of farm air
A taste of farm air

“You only know true love when you hold your own child in your arms.”

Then, we heard the mooing of cows and a cockerel crowing in the distance. "We’re here", Luca shouted. Horses and cows wandered around the pasture, chickens pecked at the grains in the yard, a sweet little cat let us stroke her, and the farm dog enthusiastically wagged its tail. This is exciting for all of us! There is so much to see… Luca did not know where to go first. The nice farmer took Luca by the hand, and showed him all the animals that live on the farm. Then, they went into the barn together, where she explained that the butter we always spread on our roll in the morning is made from the milk of the cows. What a surprise for Luca! He couldn't wait to tell us! He found us sitting on a bench, with our eyes closed and a smile on our face. Then, Luca had a great idea: He quickly ran to the meadow, where colourful flowers grow everywhere. He picked a large bouquet and held it right in front of my nose. When I opened my eyes, he gave me a huge smile and was so happy that he kissed me on my nose. It’s so nice for all of us when we do something together!
A taste of farm air

“Every time we teach a child something, we keep them from inventing it for themselves. On the other hand, that which we allow him to discover by himself will remain with him visibly … for the rest of his life”
(Jean Piaget)

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