At lofty heights

A gondola ride is fun, a gondola ride is great!

My sister and me can see it whenever we look out of the hotel window – the cable car with its red gondolas. It turns and turns from morning to night and we love watching it. I wonder what it’s like to sit in the gondola up high and skim over the tops of trees?

“Today, we’re going to the Alpe di Siusi,” dad calls from the bathroom. I jolt out of my daydreaming and Julia looks surprised, too. Hiking again? But we only just went yesterday… We are about to start whining when mum says: “Good idea, the kids have wanted to ride the cable car for ages!” Did we hear right? We’re taking the red gondola, all together? Julia and me are so excited, we start dancing and whooping around the room. Our family is going to ride the gondola – finally!
At lofty heights
At lofty heights

“The desire for freedom makes our hearts fly.”

It takes forever to finish breakfast, but at last, we head off. Two minutes later and we’ve walked over the small pedestrian bridge to the valley station. We’re holding each other’s hand forming a happy, giggling chain. I love nothing more than heading for an adventure with my family!

In no time at all, we’re at the front of the queue and getting ready to get in. Julia and I hop into the gondola with a little jump, mum and dad are right behind us. The ride to the top begins. We press our noses flat against the window and still can’t quite believe it. How fast the houses get smaller! Even the Cavallino, although it’s so incredibly big! I’m glad, I’m in here with my family cause when I look down, I feel a little dizzy. Boy, is that high, what an adventure! It’s exactly how we’ve always imagined a gondola ride to be. We reach the top station all too quickly and have to get out again. Now it’s time to hike – but our parents promised that we would go down by rail again, so a bit of walking about isn’t so bad!
At lofty heights

“All that matters at the end of a day is that there was a wonderful moment that made you smile.”

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Into a recreational paradise together

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