Boohoo, the ghosts are coming!

Halloween at the family hotel

Where to go on Halloween? That’s what I ask myself every year. Through the dark streets and from house to house? To bed, like there is nothing happening?

For this year, my family and I had thought of something better: Halloween at our favourite hotel Cavallino Bianco!
Boohoo, the ghosts are coming!
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Face painting, costumes and candy... I love Halloween!

As our family holiday in October approached, I got ever more excited. I mean, Halloween and holidays, can you even imagine? When my watch finally displayed the 31st October, we had only stayed at the Cavallino for two days. However, I couldn’t wait to start that special day. Before I woke up mummy and daddy, I slipped into my vampire costume and practiced some scary grimaces in front of the mirror.

After breakfast, I dashed to the Lino Land and almost tripped over my cape. What a hustle and bustle! There were dressed-up kids everywhere and soon it was my turn in the face painting line. An animator made me look all pale and painted some dark circles around my eyes. Boy, did I look scary! After that, we baked bat-shaped cookies and drank blood orange juice – just like vampires do! We also did some crafting and the morning almost passed a little too fast.
Luckily, the fun had only just begun. In a dark corridor in the cellar, the animators had created a spooky Halloween tunnel. I was a little nervous at first but after all I had mummy and daddy with me. They had dressed up as well and together we mastered all the dares: we reached into a smoking pot full of slime and drank a werewolf potion. It was great fun! However, I was happy to see the light again after a while and to discover all the Halloween goodies in the garden. Lino was waiting there for us and when I saw he was wearing a vampire costume like me, I was really proud.

The celebration continued in the hall. There were skeletons, bats and other creepy creatures everywhere. We ate monster snacks and drank juices that colour your tongue. My friends and me invented a zombie dance and I laughed until my belly hurt. The best thing about the party was the magician, though. He even made a woman disappear. I wonder how he did that!

When we had dinner some time later I was pretty tired from all the games and jokes. But above all, I was happy. Halloween with my family is a great thing but a Halloween holiday at the Cavallino Bianco is simply unbeatable!

When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers ‘tis near Halloween.