Cold days, hot infusions

Those who sweat in the sauna get more from life

After the hot summer when it gets colder again outside, there’s nothing more that I enjoy than a few pleasant hours in the sauna. That’s what I was looking forward to on my long awaited holiday at the Cavallino: a few hours sweating in the sauna, just for me. A relaxing wellness treatment for my body.
Cold days, hot infusions
Cold days, hot infusions

“Time that we take for ourselves is time that gives us something.”

As soon as I entered the Cavallino sauna area, I felt the calm atmosphere wash over me and my everyday cares slip away. Nothing could disturb me here, nothing stood in the way of me and my relaxation. I first go to the Caldarium, where mild, radiant heat and steam relax and regenerate my muscles. Just like the brine bath, staying here does my respiratory tract wonders. The pleasant warmth gives even greater peace of mind, by the way.
I also wanted to experience a natural aroma infusion in the Finnish hut sauna. The sauna master really heated us up with his infusion skills. I could feel the circulation-strengthening effects in every pore. Cooling down at the ice fountain my whole body felt refreshed. Completely relaxed, yet revived, I settled down at the fireplace in the rest area, enjoying the spicy scent of the fresh hay and completely surrendered myself to relaxation and my daydreams. This is precisely how my visit to the sauna should feel and not just on chilly days.

“Be good to yourself and take care of what your soul needs.”

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