Give wings to your dreams

The desire to feel freedom and face challenges.

I used to travel all the time. I did a lot of sports, always on the move. Biking, jogging, swimming. That was before the kids. As a family man, I don’t get to exercise so often any more. But I love exploring the countryside with my little sweeties and taking leisurely strolls.

For some time now, though, I have felt the urge to get going again. To train and test my athletic limits all by myself. The holiday in Cavallino Bianco comes just at the right moment. Surrounded by a spectacular mountain world, I can think of nothing better than to really get going again.
Give wings to your dreams
Give wings to your dreams

“If you think beyond your boundaries, your dreams will find you.”

First, I want to join a guided hike – to put me in the right mood and get to know the beautiful area. Next, I want to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: a real summit tour. The Dolomites are perfect for this. I can almost feel how proud of myself I’ll be to have made this challenge.
Give wings to your dreams
Finally, I also want to go on a mountain bike tour. The hotel has bikes for hire, which makes the whole thing even easier. I am already looking forward to cycling using pure muscle power into the mountains, where the panoramic views are second to none. I can already feel the wind in my face as I make the exhilaratingly fast downhill run.

How long is it until we finally drive to Cavallino? I can hardly wait…

“The secret of happiness is freedom. The secret of freedom is courage.”

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