Here comes Santa Claus!

Festive anticipation at the Cavallino Bianco

It’s the day before Christmas. A time that I’ve always experienced as something unique. Even today, years after my childhood, I can feel the magical Christmas vibes. But never have my family and I been as enchanted as in the Cavallino Bianco.

Each room is filled with the kids’ excitement and the festive mood of us parents. The Cavallino has transformed into a sparkling Christmas wonderland and we feel just like in a fairytale. “So, when does Santa Claus come?”, our sonny asks and pulls my hand impatiently. Before we can answer, Jonas opens his eyes wide: “Is that…?” Following his gaze, we spot him too: right in front of us, Santa Claus is sitting on a huge brown leather chair. Behind him, the fire is crackling and he’s surrounded by his helper gnomes and a bunch of excited kids. All of them are waiting for their big moment.
Here comes Santa Claus!
Here comes Santa Claus!

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.”

Burton Hills
Before long, it’s Jonas’ turn. His eyes sparkling with joy, he climbs onto Santa’s lap and reveals his Christmas wishes. He shakes the bearded man’s hand once more and heads off to the bar with the other kids. While Jonas is sipping his cup of hot chocolate, my husband and I chat with Ralph, our host. “It’s been ages since I’ve felt this magic”, I admit. Ralph smiles. “If my guests are happy, it’s Christmas for me, too. I remember singing Silent Night when I was a child, right before we finally opened our presents… There’s nothing like spending time with all the loved ones!”
On the next morning, our son is full of beans. He looks out of the window, listens at the keyhole and hops nervously from one leg to another. Then, finally, a knock at the door: it’s Santa Claus! “Hello, Jonas. I’ve got something for you…”, he smiles and hands over the long-desired presents.
We spend the rest of the day trying out the new toys, noshing cookies and rambling through the snowy village. When in the evening we admire the glowing white mountain peaks, Jonas spots a particularly bright star. “Mom, dad, this must be a wishing star!”, he calls excitedly, “and I wish for every Christmas to be as wonderful as this year’s!”

“May you never be too grown-up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.”