Hiking adventure

With Diego on the tracks of Oswald von Wolkenstein

Usually, our kids don’t like hiking. Boring! Way too far! TV is cooler! But, we grown-ups are of the opinion that our summer holiday at the Cavallino must include a hike with the whole family. After all, we are in the heart of the legendary Dolomites, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. This little nugget doesn’t impress our kids much though – what gets them motivated is the in-house hiking guide Diego!
Hiking adventure
Hiking adventure

“I hope that you will not leave me alone,
because you are my highest Grail,
which chases away all suffering.
I want forever to be
your loyal servant, oh lovely mistress,
you, chosen among all other women,
endowed with many different treasures.”
(Oswald von Wolkenstein)

Decked out with rucksacks, walking sticks and hiking boots, we wait in the hotel lobby until Diego cheerfully appears and welcomes us with a chirpy “Bon dí” (Ladin for “good day”). His easy-going manner steals the hearts of our grouchy little hikers and from now on they follow his every step without a word of complaint.

On this guided hike, we walk in the footsteps of Oswald von Wolkenstein. The destination is the medieval castle ruin Selva Val Gardena, located in the middle of the rock face of the Stevia in Vallunga. The famous minstrel is said to have often spent the summer months here. It is a pleasant trail up to it and the kids managed it with ease. We head up a steep ascent and finally reach the ruin. Diego entertains our children – who have meanwhile turned into bold young knights – with all kinds of amusing anecdotes. We grown-ups enjoy the splendid panorama of the Puez-Odle Nature Park, breath in the crisp mountain air and enjoy the experience of having hiked without grumpy children for once. Thanks, Diego!
Hiking adventure

Summer, sun, family time

Into a recreational paradise together

Off we go