Little stars on the big stage

Every Friday is a happy day because it’s time for the Junior Talent Show at Cavallino!

Just being allowed to stand on stage. Being the centre of attention and enjoying the thunderous applause. I’ve dreamt about this for ages. When I grow up, I want to be famous and cheered by everyone.

The Cavallino Bianco gave me a taste of what this really feels like. Because on the last day before we went home, a Baby Show took place in the large theatre. I’m not a baby any more, of course, that’s just what they call it – but actually, it’s mainly big kids like me who took part.
Little stars on the big stage
Little stars on the big stage

“Only when you believe in your dreams can they come true.”

We rehearsed the theatre performance for two days. A fairy tale about a princess captured by a dragon and rescued by one of the brave sons of a king. And they let me play the prince! It was a perfect role for me, and I even practised in the evening before going to bed.
Then it was Friday at last. Boy, was I excited! We dressed up in fantastic costumes, we got made up (the girls more than us boys, of course) and we met up on stage for the final preparations. We took a sneak peek at the audience through the closed curtains. More and more parents came through the door looking for a good place to sit. The more people coming in, the more nervous we kids got. And then it started. Everything went like clockwork, nobody forgot their text or came in at the wrong time. And I, the brave prince, played my part like a real actor. When the play was over, we bowed, and everyone clapped and cheered. I was so happy that I kissed the princess on the cheek – and people clapped even more! What a fantastic experience! Next time we come to Cavallino, I’ll be at the Junior Talent Show again!
Little stars on the big stage

“Life is like a play: It doesn’t matter how long it is, but how colourful.”

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