On Valli’s birthday...

...the Cavallino shines in all colours!

To be honest, I don’t really mind when we go on holiday to the Cavallino Bianco. I always enjoy staying at my favourite hotel. But since I’ve been at Valli’s birthday party, I wish I could come to Val Gardena every January. Believe me, the 10th is not just any day there!

Mummy and daddy got an email a few days earlier. It said that we were invited to the mouse’s birthday and that we were supposed to wear colourful clothes for Lino’s girlfriend. Within a minute I found my flower jumper and a pair of red trousers. I put them on and turned around in the mirror. Oh yes, they were just the right clothes for the party!
On Valli’s birthday...
On Valli’s birthday...

"Memories are not glass treasures to be kept locked within a box. They are colourful ribbons to be hung in the wind."

Terry Brooks
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Then I had to wait – the worst part about parties! I peeked into the lobby again and again. But there were just a few stage builders and a man who repeatedly said “1, 2, 3, test” into the microphone. Way too many hours later, the guests were finally coming together. When suddenly everyone became quiet, I almost forgot to breathe. “Valli’s coming!” I could hear my friend Leila whisper. She wasn’t just dreaming: the birthday mouse really was coming in waving her huge grey hand. My friends and me clapped our hands and clinked glasses just like the grown-ups. Valli even gave me a big hug, can you imagine?!
Some people started handing out Alice bands with shiny bows on them. They reminded me a bit of Minnie Mouse. I was so happy I started dancing. The music was awesome! I had just begun to spin round with Leila when suddenly the lights went out and the music stopped. All I could see now were the colourful lights on peoples’ heads. Boy, did they look beautiful! Someone brought in Valli’s enormous birthday cake and while the mouse blew out the candles, we sang ”Happy Birthday” at the top of our lungs. How I’d love to have a party like that myself some day!
Before dinner, we did the Lino dance and shook Valli’s mouse paw. In the dining room I could only have two bites. I was still so excited and I couldn’t wait to see Lino and Valli at the theatre!
During the show, I was sitting in the first row. What an amazing day! Luckily, mummy and daddy promised to come again next year.
So, see you soon, Lino and Valli!

"Birthdays are not meant to be counted – they’re meant to be celebrated!"

Lo Lange