Party for Loyal Guests

A reward from the heart

We were not the first ones to discover that the Cavallino‘s magic can actually get you addicted. Shortly after our first family holiday in Val Gardena, we booked another one. What we hadn’t expected: during our second stay at the Cavallino Bianco, we already felt like VIPs – and a big surprise was awaiting us.

One evening, we found a letter on our table. It was an invitation to a night tobogganing trip, exclusively for regular guests. Host Ralph and his team wanted to thank their loyal guests and spend an unforgettable time with them. With the „Party for Loyal Guests“, the team also gave us some precious two-time. While our kids could have fun with the junior activities at the hotel, the invited couples could enjoy their togetherness.
Party for Loyal Guests
Party for Loyal Guests

“Gratitude leads to greatness. It can literally turn what you have into more than enough.”

Marc Chernoff
The sky was already growing dim when we left and all around us the snow was sparkling. My husband and I trudged hand in hand through the enchanting landscape and I was filled with a feeling I hadn’t had in ages. The mood was upbeat and I let the atmosphere pervade me.

After a delicious refreshment in a hut, each one of us was handed a headlamp and a reflective jacket. Our companions, the friendly department managers of the Cavallino team, were wearing backpacks with romantic lamps. “Are you all ready? Follow the fireflies!“ Ralph called out and we set off for our descend in a long line. The airstream in my face, the mysterious shining in the dark and the joyful guests: it was just perfect.
Back at the hotel, Ralph thanked all the participants. As a keepsake, he gave us a “habituè“ badge and even a present that, so they told us, changed from year to year. This time, it was the original Cavallino perfume that fills the hotel’s air every day. Now we could take it home and sweeten our waiting time until the next holiday. We can’t wait to find out which surprise there will be next year. Are you curious, too?

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.”

Audrey Hepburn