We finally arrived!

Coming in, feeling at home

We had been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Parking the car in the garage. Taking the elevator up, full of curiosity and anticipation. Dragging our suitcases to the room and finally starting our well-deserved holiday.

Our arrival at the Cavallino Bianco was even better than expected. When our kids poked their heads into the door and looked around making big eyes, they were immediately welcomed by a brightly smiling lady. ”Hello you two, did you have a good trip?“ she asked. Our kids, still a bit intimidated, nodded. The friendly receptionist gave us a short introduction and then let us discover our amazing room.
We finally arrived!
We finally arrived!

May all who enter as guests leave as friends.

Burton Hills
The suite was a dream come true, perfect in every detail. There was a separate bedroom for us parents and our children were thrilled to find out they could sleep in their own “kids’ kingdom”. A few minutes later, they came dashing into our room showing us a sweet stuffed mouse and a booklet with bedtime stories. “Did you see our presents?“ they exclaimed and jumped onto our huge double bed.

We had just put our luggage aside when our son tugged on my sleeve. “Can Lisa and I go to Lino Land now?“ he asked. The two had already found out about the giant kids‘ paradise and couldn’t wait to see it with their own eyes. So we accompanied them and continued our way to the wellness area where we treated ourselves with a few moments of peace and relaxation. When we got out of the whirlpool, the wonderful warm water had made us sleepy. We picked up our kids and could hardly convince them to leave Lino Land. Only when we promised to go there every day, they followed us reluctantly.
At exactly 5 pm our hotel tour started. Another nice lady showed us around and promised that there would be enough time for everyone and everything: time for ourselves and the family, for us as parents and the children among themselves. After the tour, we were absolutely sure that the vast offer of activities, games, wellness and events was going to make our family holiday absolutely unforgettable.

In the evening, our kids got to know mascot Lino and were super excited about the funny mouse. They danced to the live music and laughed until they got almost too tired to keep their eyes open. Us parents used the welcome aperitif to get to know the Cavallino’s department managers. That evening we realized that we didn’t feel like new guests but like old friends who had for long been a part of this incredible magic.

We found a home away from home.