Passion and love for the family, the secret of a great success

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Top of the list - where we aim to stay!

To become the leader in providing luxury family holidays was not an easy task but through hard work and dedication we were able to come up with a recipe that works. The sheer motivation of all the people involved along with research allowed us to create a hotel which meets the individual needs and desires of each component of the family. This commitment and desire to offer a dream holiday to families only with children continues today and keeps us committed to our success.

CEO & General Manager

In the luxury of our suites, sleeping beauty would not have followed the prince.

Style, elegance and great comfort

Wellbeing at Cavallino Bianco is experienced even in the luxurious elegant surroundings of our rooms and suites. Large comfortable spaces to spoil your family and make you feel at ease in a holiday of the highest quality.

If culinary creations were works of art, here we would be at the Louvre.

Don’t worry children; we’ll look after mum and dad!

At Cavallino children are special guests

Just for your children “Lino” has prepared a fantastic world of happiness and enjoyment. A paradise of games, activities and entertainment throughout the whole day, a restaurant just for them and the attentive and loving care of our qualified staff.

The Dolomites: an incomparable display which enters the soul and remains in the heart.

Dolomites to admire, Dolomites to enjoy

The extraordinary beauty and variety of scenery of the Dolomites, natural patrimony of humanity UNESCO, is the emotional backdrop to a holiday at Cavallino Bianco. An invitation to enjoy nature with all the family in a magical place.

Wellbeing, safety and safeguard of health are an absolute must.

Top hygiene and safety

Hygiene and the safeguard of health at Cavallino Bianco are considered points of maximum priority. For this reason we follow a detailed and meticulous protocol of hygiene that guarantees a constantly clean and disinfected environment.

From a small homestead in the mountains to a leader of Luxury Family & Spa Grand Hotels

The history of the hotel

A tradition of hospitality was already documented back in 1448. A homestead in the mountains became a point of rest, and after changing several proprietors and following various extension works, was purchased in 1958 by the Obletter family. A lengthy renovation process and the courageous management of Ralph A. Riffeser brought Cavallino Bianco to be the first and only luxury Family & Spa Grand Hotel in Italy.

The team at Cavallino Bianco

We work with passion to ensure constant happy guests.

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