In shape

Strong and energetic on holiday

In shape

Fit and bewitched

Sport with a breathtaking view

With muscles flexed and a brow pearled with sweat – and thrilled by the view of the mountains. In the family hotel Cavallino Bianco, your training transforms into a true experience. The fantastic panoramic view is great motivation and almost makes you forget the effort.

Try out our fitness equipment or take a training session with one of our coaches. The programme is varied and includes gentle Nordic Walking and Thera Gym as well as intensive circuit training.

Healthy with Geoway

Slimming and anti-stress

The SUN 400XL is a true all-rounder. It combines warm infrared rays and gentle movement and delivers a lasting regenerating effect on body and mind. Toxic substances are excreted through perspiration and vitamin D production is stimulated.

Thanks to the heat, training in the integrated reclining ergometer is particularly gentle and effective. Plus, the skin is visibly tightened, which then makes it more receptive to cures and treatments.
Try out this exceptional wellness device – you can see and feel the difference!

Golf with a difference

Tee-off in the house

You can't wait for the next round of golf and would love to improve your technique beforehand? You’re in luck because the Cavallino Bianco family hotel has a Foresight golf simulator, the top brand name. The system analyses your technique and tells you what you can do to improve.

Then you can try out the suggestions on the simulated driving range. You can follow the trajectory via a maxi screen that simulates the golf course. A device measures data from every tee shot, helping you to become a golfing pro in no time at all!