Wellness to ‘warm-up’ with

Start your wellness journey with a visit to the sauna

Our sauna world offers feel-good warmth for every taste and temperature sensation. So everyone has the opportunity to indulge in hot pleasure. Even the littlest wellness fans can get their first whiff of sauna air: a visit to the dwarf grotto relaxes even the liveliest whirlwinds. Once inside, the Cavallino Bianco will quickly become everyone's favourite family hotel with sauna in the Dolomites.
Wellness to ‘warm-up’ with


Sweating inside the red walls

Red tiles and mosaic stones, decorated with fine gold elements – the Caldarium is an elegant source of well-being for those who love warmth. The 42° to 45° heat optimally helps the body to detoxify, stimulates airways and is also good for skin and hair at the same time.

Salt water pool

Sea inspiration

Pleasant 42 to 45 °C heat and finely dissolved salts come together to create a beach-like sensation in the salt water pool. The elegant Egyptian-style room not only caters to your senses, but also your health. Heat, salt and pure essences of essential eucalyptus and mint work wonders on the skin and respiratory system.

Alpine hut sauna

Wood and heat

Experience an alpine hut in a truly different way. Feel body and soul relax in the extraordinary rustic ambience of this 90 °C wooden sauna. Recline on the comfy wooden beds and enjoy how the wonderful natural aromas stimulate your circulation and ease your breathing.

Tyrolean sauna

The sweet scent of the mountains

Our Tyrolean sauna welcomes you with 60 °C heated air and the wonderful scent of indigenous mountain timber. Lie back and enjoy the cosy ambience and the soothing effects.

Ice fountain

A refreshing experience

To help you cool off after a sauna session, you are welcome to use our water world and ice fountain. Enjoy the tingling, invigorating sensation against your skin as the refreshing coolness stimulates the circulation and strengthens the immune system.


Bedded on warm slabs of marble

Relax on elegant white marble loungers as the pleasant 37 °C heat works its magic on you. Golden curtains lend a touch of luxury to the tepidarium, the glass façade affords a view of the surrounding landscape.

Family sauna

A warm spot all together

Our dwarf grotto offers you a sauna experience for the whole family. The temperature here is always pleasant and never higher than 42 °C. The warm steam relaxes in no time and also cares for delicate children's skin.