Family hotel with beauty treatments

Serenity & beauty makes you happy!

Even us grown-ups need a little pampering break every now and then. That's why beauty treatments and well-deserved massages for mum and dad can't be missing in our Family Hotel. We pamper you from the roots of your hair to the tips of your toes with treatments from the Alps and far away. Enjoy this wellness journey - all to yourself, as a couple or with the kids.
Family hotel with beauty treatments

For Mister and Misses

Fine rituals à la carte

As parents, you are on a daily mission for your beloved ones. As gratifying as this is, sometimes a little break and reward can be all you need. Leaf through our spa catalogue and find the pampering treatment you long for in intense times. Relaxing massage, fragrant bath or delicate peeling? It’s up to you!

“BelLino” children’s cosmetics

100% organic, 100% protection

Babies and children have particularly sensitive skin. Our BelLino care line is designed to protect the sensitive hydro-lipid mantle and nourishes the skin in a natural way. Mild ingredients such as marigold, sea buckthorn and olive oil guarantee maximum effectiveness and tolerability. All BelLino products are dermatologically tested and protect and moisturise children's delicate skin.

Our cosmetic lines

The best of nature

Cinq Mondes
The Cinq Mondes products represent the accumulated knowledge from global research trips. Inspired by old traditions and the most recent discoveries, the prestigious manufacturer develops pure plant cosmetics. The focus is on the skin diet concept (Diététique de la Peau®).

RHEA is a cosmetics brand that believes in the uniqueness of each person's skin. That is why it is Human Based Skincare. Each customized product is made with processes that combine high-tech and artisanal care. With cosmetics that can be mixed according to your skin's needs, RHEA will always find the right professional treatment or product for you.

Davines Hair Spa
Davines is an internationally established Italian company dedicated to the haircare segment. In its research laboratories, high-quality professional cosmetic products are created in accordance with the brand's guiding principle: Sustainable Beauty. For Davines, the balance between beauty and sustainability, what they call "sustainable beauty," can improve our lives and the world around us. By creating "beauty" they want to encourage people to take care of themselves, the environment in which they live and work, and what they love. Sustainability is a very important point for the brand.