We serve the way you request.

Food that tastes good and is easy to digest

Healthy enjoyment for everyone is a top priority at Cavallino Bianco. We see food allergies and intolerances not as a limitation, but as a challenge! Our kitchen team will gladly conjure up menus for you that are just as varied, creative and tasty.
We serve the way you request.
Food intolerances, allergies and individual wishes

We have made it our mission to offer every guest the same service.
This also applies to the kitchen – no matter what your needs and wishes are!

The culinary skills and expertise of our staff gives you peace of mind. All dishes are carefully controlled and contain only high-quality ingredients, preferably ones that have been locally sourced. Vegetarians have a large selection of meatless dishes at their disposal, and we are also happy to serve vegan menus to order. You will also find our lactose-free patisserie and gluten-free starters on the buffet tables.

If you or your children cannot tolerate or do not like certain products, just let us know. We will then take care of it so that you can have carefree enjoyment.
Food intolerances, allergies and individual wishes

Unlimited pleasure

Our individual culinary concept

Menus for every occasion
Full enjoyment is also provided for intolerances and allergies.
Safety comes first
We guarantee the wholesomeness of your food - no need to worry.
For vegetarians and vegans
The menu also includes dishes without meat and animal products.
Personal preferences
If there is something you cannot eat, we will be happy to take this into consideration!