Barbecue in the aromatic mountain air

Off to the legendary Cavallino barbecue party on the Alpe di Siusi.

A summer without a barbecue is not really a summer! The Cavallino team is well aware of this too, so guests are invited to our own hut on the Alpe di Siusi for a weekly barbecue.

We head off right after breakfast. All the guest families take the gondola up to the lofty heights and hike from the mountain station straight to the rustic Cavallino mountain hut. There could hardly be a more idyllic setting. Surrounded by the lush mountain pastures and a spectacular panoramic view, we grown-ups make ourselves comfortable and watch our children start playing and running around in the fresh air.
Barbecue in the aromatic mountain air
Barbecue in the aromatic mountain air

“If you have a family that loves you, a few good friends, food on your table and a roof over your head, then you’re richer than you think.”

Only when our noses pick up the scent of delicious grilled food, can we tear ourselves away from the magnificent sight of the mountains and are totally flabbergasted. A buffet with everything your heart desires set up slap-bang in the middle of the countryside. We look for a place to eat our overflowing plates and, like all the other parents, are so happy to see our children tucking into all the food. Mountain air makes you hungry!
Barbecue in the aromatic mountain air
While we grown-ups settle down to digest our food in comfort on deckchairs or the meadow itself, our children are kept wonderfully occupied by the Cavallino entertainers. The numerous games are all fun and loud – just as it should be! But before we head back to the hotel, there’s still a football match for all the dads on the agenda. And they really go for it! Not surprising as all the mums and kids cheer loudly.

Then it really is time to return to the valley. Tired and happy, we hike back and are already thinking about a refreshing dip in the pool, back in the Cavallino…

“Home is where everybody laughs together.”

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