Staff houses

alloggi collaboratori


Our cosy staff houses, just a short walk from the Cavallino Bianco, are a true refuge renovated with love.
We fill these homes with warmth and joy, providing them with everything the heart desires: convenient parking, reliable WIFI connection, modern TV, and washing machine for maximum comfort. We are ready to welcome you with a smile and make you feel really comfortable in a warm and positive environment.



Our rooms are a combination of singles, doubles, triples and quadruples, some with an internal bathroom and others with an external one. As there are so many of us, we are always committed to finding the perfect solution for everyone, doing our best to make you feel at home, dear collaborators!
Small tip: bring some decorations to personalise the room and make it a piece of your world. We want your stay to be welcoming and positive!

alloggi collaboratori



Breakfast, lunch and dinner are always available for all employees even on their days off.

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alloggi collaboratori

Our HR team will guide you through the selection process and provide you with all the necessary information about the company culture, work policies and benefits for our employees.

Accommodation will be available from the day before work starts. The girls in the human resources department will take care of the entire check-in and pre-check-in process by making contacts immediately after the confirmation of hiring.

The employee must bring: bed linen (mattress cover, sheets and pillowcases), bath linen (towels) and hairdryer. And anything else that helps you feel at home.
A pillow and duvet for the bed, TV, Wi-Fi and washing machine are available in the room.

Parking is available at the staff house. If you stay here, you can take advantage of the parking. If you prefer to use the hotel car park, you can buy a subscription at a special price by contacting Margit (Chief Financial Officer) or Carolina (Employer Brand Manager). If you do not use the accommodation in the staff house, you can request a parking space inside the hotel garage.

Should you not feel well, the first thing to do is to notify your department head and/or deputy so that they can organise the replacement during the illness. In addition to giving full notice, please visit the doctor for any prescriptions and/or therapies and request the INPS medical certificate. The medical certificate should be delivered to the human resources office on the first day of illness.

For questions regarding salaries and/or contracts, you can always contact either Margit (Chief Financial Officer) or Carolina (Employer Brand Manager).