Calling all little ones with a good appetite:

come and eat says Lino!

Food that tastes good and is good for children? It may occasionally be a bit of a headache for parents, but it’s an absolute breeze for our chef. He is skilled in putting together a tasty menu that not only tickles the children’s taste buds but is also healthy and balanced at the same time.

It tastes even better when eaten in company. That's why our friendly carers wait in the children's restaurant every afternoon. A substantial snack is already prepared and eating turns into a fun holiday experience in this merry group. All hungry children are also welcome at lunchtime and in the evening, of course. Lino loves having full and happy guests!
Calling all little ones with a good appetite:
Only the best is good enough

Not  simply  eating, but meeting friends and laughing about the best experiences of the day.
So every meal becomes a holiday adventure!

Only the best is good enough
We place particularly high demands on our children's kitchen. After all, a natural and child-friendly diet is essential for healthy development - and a good mood every day!

We make sure that the children's restaurant serves balanced and energy-rich dishes with sufficient calcium and proteins. We also value low-sugar and low-fat food. The menu is rounded off by vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables, because even Lino knows: if the food is good, everything is good!

What makes the children's restaurant so special?

Lino tells you here!

Professional advice
The menu is specially created by our skilled chef.
Selected ingredients
The children's dishes are made exclusively from fresh and regional products.
Correct preparation
Gently cooked and seasoned to taste. Skilfully prepared healthy dishes.
Loving care
Every children's meal in Lino Land is supervised by our attentive staff.

’The children know neither the past nor the future. They enjoy the present.’

Jean de la Bruyère